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About us

Travel, history, meeting new people, their cultures, the taste of exotic dishes … Yes, that is what we are passionate about. Knowing how many people in the world have a similar passion, we would like to invite tourists from all over the world to explore Poland. And if Poland is obviously the most popular city on the Vistula River – Cracow, a historical place, with over a thousand years of history, with many valuable architectural monuments. City of museums, bricks, pretzels, theaters and music.
To visit Krakow needs at least a weekend, a comfortable bed is also necessary. We would like to invite you to our Hostel, located in a historic 18th century tenement house, located between the Old Town and Kazimierz. Our hostel is located in the very heart of Krakow, so our guests can easily walk to the Market Square and to the old Jewish quarter, which is alive in the morning. We will make every effort to ensure that your stay with us is a success.


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