Hostel Folklor, ul. Librowszczyzna 1, 31-030 Kraków | tel. 663 220 245 | Mail:


Our Hostel is located on the corner of Librowszczyzna and Wielopole Streets. In the immediate vicinity of the hostel there are many grocery stores, bars and restaurants offering Polish cuisine at affordable prices.

How to get to us?

From Balice Airport

Take the 208, 292 or 902 city bus to the final stop – Dworzec Główny Wschód. A 60 minute ticket costs 5 PLN.

From the Main Railway Station and bus station

From the bus station follow the signs and go through the Main Railway Station and then go through Galeria Krakowska to the tram stop DWORZEC MAŁNY. Here, take one of the trams listed below and get off at the first stop – MAIN TRAIN.

Tram line 3, direction: NEW CURRENCY
Tram line 10, direction: ŁAGIEWNIKI
Tram line 19, direction: BOREK FLEET
Tram line 24, direction: KURDWANÓW
Tram line 52, direction: RED MAKI

From the bus stop MASTER to our hostel is 250 meters – go through the passage, go straight on the street Wielopole then turn left into the street Librowszczyzna. Our hostel is on the right side, under number 1.

A 20-minute public transport ticket costs 2.80 zlotys.

On foot from the station

Go straight through the Westerplatte until you reach the Main Post and follow the directions as described above.


The approximate prices for Krakow taxi fares should be approximately:

From the airport – about 40-50 zł
From the railway and bus station – about 10-12 PLN

At night or on holidays, the above rates can be up to 50% higher. It is definitely best and cheapest to call a taxi to one of the many taxi companies (eg Icar 12 653 55 55) than take a taxi from the station!


Hostel Folklore is located in a paid parking area. You can park your car for free on the street in front of our hostel on weekends and on weekdays between 20 and 10. On weekdays between 10 and 20, the price list for parking in the zone is:

For the first hour – 3.00 zł
For the second hour – 3.50 zł
For the third hour – 4.10 zł
For the fourth and every next hour – 3.00 zł

10 minutes on foot from the Hostel there is a guarded car park, offering a place for 25 zł per passenger car. We can book a parking space upon prior arrangement.